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About Us

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Vishnupriya is a successful Homemaker turned Entrepreneur who has got a passion for quality foods. "Save your Stomach" is the tagline created to pass on the quality. She surprises everyone around with new recipes that creates interest in taste buds and also Healthy. A small thought of providing such Healthy foods to everyone is the Startup idea for the company- Vishnupriya Products.

Vishnupriya Products are freshly made to order. We only use the fresh produce from the market in the making of our products. Every products are made in Home under a clean and tidy environment, so there is no compromise in Quality.

We are proud to say that we add No Food Coloring or Preservatives.

Try it for Yourselves!

Since there is no better medicine than food, Health is our number one priority.

All the products are made in safe environment with Herbal Elements which are made to keep us Healthy while tasting Good.

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